art installation and presentation of a new way to change space impression and configuration.
exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo(2012).
our own project.

MorPhys is a polygonal mesh structural system that can dynamically transform its physical shape and volume. The system, which has organic attributes of transformability, mobility and interactivity, is a primitive form of new architecture.
The work was achieved through development of the extension actuator which utilizes the mechanical rigidity of a tape measure in order to acquire a high extension ratio. The structural system consists of six extension actuators forming a tetrahedron that can transform its shape by changing the length of the actuators’ rods. The actuators on the ground are equipped with casters to move themselves in conjunction with the other actuators’ movements. It is also equipped with electromagnetically driven anchor mechanisms that can adjust the position or base of the entire system in any direction. Sensors and radio communication modules allow the hardware to interact with its surrounding environment including people and computers.
The system allows changes in visual presentation through adjustments in structural volume and configuration. It simultaneously communicates with computers as a tangible interface that enables physical visualization and manipulation of computational design. With the structure’s ability to spontaneously change its shape, volume and location, it is capable of testing many variables, such as structural integrity or energy efficiency, by reacting to environmental inputs as if it were an organism.

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By nomena